6 Benefits Of Having A VoIP System In Your Business

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VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – systems are becoming increasingly commonplace in businesses of all sizes, with its undeniable benefits when compared to traditional landlines, making it an obvious choice.
  That said, while VoIP is definitely increasing in popularity, it is estimated that around 49% of UK SMEs are still using a traditional landline1 with many business owners unaware of the benefits available to them should they switch to a VoIP system.
  Having installed hundreds of VoIP systems already this year alone, at Eze Talk we’ve seen first-hand how small to medium businesses can benefit dramatically from VoIP and are keen to spread the word.
  Read on to find out exactly why you should be considering VoIP, also known as hosted telephony, in your business.
  If you’re unfamiliar with what VoIP is then check out our VoIP FAQs first, which should answer your key questions.

Here’s why it’s great…


1.         Serious savings

  Moving to a VoIP system can reduce your telephone bills by up to 30%. Not only that, installation AND ongoing maintenance is free. You pay on a per user basis, meaning you only pay for what you need, and users can be added and removed with ease in line with your business needs. Talk about EZE flexibility!

2.         Mobile twinning

  Few businesses have entirely office-based staff and companies that do, most likely have some kind of flexible working policy in place following COVID. With VoIP systems it doesn’t matter if your team are at home, in the office, or on the other side of the world. VoIP systems enable mobile twinning, meaning your team can choose to pair their office handset to a mobile device of their choice, with the click of a button.

3.         Flexible features

  Not only does VoIP give you and your team the flexibility of consistent, high-quality communication from anywhere, it also offers a whole host of features that you can use to your advantage. From mobile twinning, conference calling, call forwarding and call to email capabilities, it truly supports your operations.

4.         Improved customer service

  VoIP is widely considered to deliver increased quality in all areas of communications including speed, reliability and audio quality, leading to an overall improved customer experience. Having a ‘bad line’ can quickly put you on the backfoot during an important call but with VoIP that concern is removed.

5.         Increased productivity

  With VoIP, or hosted telephony as we sometimes call it, you have access to call statistics including duration, volume and source. This is particularly beneficial in a call-centre setting, enabling you to measure productivity and also recognise key patterns which may impact performance e.g. customer pick-up is most likely to happen during the hours of 9-11am. This also enables you to make data-led business decisions around resourcing  – it’s a win win!

6.         The calm and continuity in a crisis  

  With VoIP ultimately being a cloud based service it means that should disaster hit – whether that’s the office being closed unexpectedly, or an employee stuck abroad or god forbid another pandemic – then the features provided by VoIP enables you to deliver consistent communications with your team and your customers. In addition, all key contacts can be saved on to your system and will be accessible from whichever VoIP enabled device you are using.
  Don’t let your business be held back by legacy technology. If saving money and time, while increasing productivity, call quality and stakeholder relationships, it’s time to talk VoIP.
  Reach out to the Eze Talk team to see how we can help you today.
  1. Ofcom – SME consumer experience in the communications market report, October 2022