The Importance Of Teamwork For Your Cheshire-Based Business

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As a Congleton-based business ourselves, we understand the challenges and benefits of being a Cheshire business. We have the benefit of being based in the middle of a wonderful community and being easily commutable to from nearby cities like Chester, Warrington, Manchester and Liverpool. This is great when it comes to recruiting as you can attract incredible talent to your team, but it can also make team building a challenge when there are team members working remotely and other distance barriers in play. This, in turn, can impact how well your team work together.


Teamwork helps to gel teams together, ensuring they get on well with each other and feel comfortable working collaboratively. It can even help to encourage creative thinking. If you are running a Cheshire-based business, investing some time into developing your team can transform productivity and employee happiness. There are many methods to building a strong team, including business team building activities and employee teamwork exercises. Here are a few tips from us.


Firstly, what are the benefits of running a business from Cheshire?


As mentioned above, Cheshire is a brilliant location to run a business from. There are a variety of nearby cities, as well as lovely villages and towns packed full of potential customers and employees. There are also wonderful business networking groups throughout the county to help you get your brand out there and to offer you some extra support.


Why is teamwork so important for businesses?

  • Increased Productivity


Productivity is essential to the number of products and services businesses are able to produce on a daily basis, something that is also integral when it comes to deadlines and retaining staff. The better the teamwork is, the more productivity is achieved, and therefore the work that is produced is increased, helping the business to meet its goals. Lack of teamwork will mean tasks are finished at a later date, and the business will fall short of its targets, eventually leading to failure. Productivity is a need rather than a want. Businesses must strive for it or be left behind.

  • Better Quality Of Work


Employees that are able to get along and work well together will naturally produce better results than those who are disjointed and not on the same page. The quality of work is elevated because the focus is increased as well as diversity which helps to ensure nothing is left unnoticed. Quality of work is important since it can meet or exceed the expectations of clients or customers and show how good the business really is. This will differentiate the business from its competitors and create a buzz around what you do and offer.

  • Revenue Growth


The biggest benefit for businesses when it comes to teamwork is the increased revenue which can transform a business’s outlook. With revenue growth, a lot more opportunities arise that may not have previously available – and teamwork can be the key to unlocking this potential. Teamwork increases the likes of productivity and quality of work which are directly linked to revenue growth, but it also brings new ideas to the table and increases employee retention too. In terms of saving money, this is more than ideal since innovation breeds creativity, and retention means that employees are happy at work! You can save money on recruitment costs, loss of earnings and even on an office if you are able to harmonise a workforce while working remotely.


How can you improve teamwork at your business?


Business team building activities and employee teamwork exercises are two ways to improve teamwork, but there are other ways to do so as well. For example, everyone should have a clear role to play and be responsible for their own set of tasks so that no one is left confused. Each team member should know what role they are asked to do, as well as their teammates’. Communication plays a large role in this and is one of the challenges some Cheshire-based businesses face when managing a remote team. Ensuring their staff have access to business mobile phones can help them to communicate more efficiently and effectively, which helps to keep the team working together as one.


Time efficiency is also very important. This is vital when it comes to late deadlines. Good communication is needed in order to help each team member understand the entire process that is expected of them and how they can complete it in the fastest but most thorough way possible. If just one team member is falling behind, then there is a chance that the whole operation can come crashing down. Implementing systems like fast office internet can help to ensure your team is able to save time and work smarter rather than harder. If your staff have been handwriting notes, organising invoices by hand or struggling to communicate with their colleagues in a timely manner, poor internet connection can make these difficult to overcome. By turning to digital methods, their work can be easily shared, saved and protected for future reference, but to do this, you need to ensure that their connectivity will be up to the task, and they will not be left looking at loading screens.


Rewards or recognition can also help as team members will feel more appreciated. If your staff feel like you value their hard work, they are more likely to continue working their hardest to meet your expectations and goals. Goal setting with a reward strategy can motivate your team and get them excited to come to work. It’s also a great way to lift spirits and bring your team together.


Looking to improve the teamwork in your business?


If you would like to learn more about Eze Talk, head on over to our website to get a better feel of what we can offer you and your business! If you have any questions at all, then please do get in touch, and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you out.