Why Your Business Should Switch Telecom Provider

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As a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) owner, it’s likely you will always be looking for ways to boost sales, save money and subsequently grow your business. However, many companies feel trapped by their telecom provider, and even if they have been unhappy with the service they have been receiving, they simply put up with it out of fear. There is a belief that switching telecom providers will be an expensive, time-consuming challenge, and you may face downtime, additional stress and even potentially unhappy customers. 


But we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that if you pick the right telecoms company! At Eze Talk, we’ve been able to provide countless small businesses with a bespoke, highly reliable service, all within their restricted budgets and without the stress!


Here are a few reasons why you should switch to a new telecoms provider:


Save Money, But Also Retain Quality


There are plenty of ways that you can save money by switching telecom providers. You may have lines that you are no longer using, a change in call patterns may also be slowing your business down, or the amount you pay on a cost per second or a pay per call tariff may be higher than you can get elsewhere!


Often businesses feel that they cannot move away from their current provider without experiencing a lot of hassle and downtime while also facing the potential risk that their new provider may not be as responsive and supportive if issues arise. This ‘better the devil you know’ attitude can cost businesses thousands. 


At Eze Talk, we pride ourselves on our glowing customer feedback and strong relationships. We always articulate what to expect when transferring over to us, helping every step of the way, and we can create packages that are bespoke to your needs, allowing you to benefit from competitive pricing and a smooth transition. 


Receive On-Hand Support


Businesses need the reassurance that if anything ever does go wrong with their phone lines, IT or broadband, it will be quickly resolved. If you have had issues with your current provider, then it can damage your trust in them and make it difficult to feel confident that they will be able to keep you connected.


Small businesses need to stay online and operational so their brand reputation is not damaged and their business operations are not disrupted. At Eze Talk, when things do go wrong, we can make sure you are back up and running within no time at all. Whether it’s an on-site visit you need or a virtual support session, we can make sure that the problem is resolved in a timely manner.


Have Your Own Personal Account Manager


If you have struggled to connect with your current Telecom provider, it can be difficult to place your trust in them, especially if when you call, you end up waiting in a queue for hours, left on hold and then directed to different people every time! You need to have one person there who can easily contact and will be able to address any concerns you may have. 


With Eze Talk, each of our customers has a Dedicated Personal Account Manager who is approachable, accessible and helpful. This bespoke service will make sure that your voice is heard and any problems or questions are dealt with swiftly so your business can run smoothly as a result. In our eyes, retention is a lot more important than acquisition, and we place a lot of value on providing good communications and building strong, long-lasting customer relationships. Rather than speaking to a faceless telecom provider, we instead like to add a touch of personalisation so you can build a rapport with us and get a better overall service.


Get An Excellent Tailored Service


Each and every single one of our customers has different needs and, as a result, requires different levels of support. In our eyes, offering the same cookie-cutter deals to every business doesn’t make sense. Many companies who go down that route end up paying for things that they don’t really need or want simply so they can fit in a pre-created package. 


As with everything in life, having something created especially for you is a far superior option and ensures you get the support you need without any unnecessary additional costs. At Eze Talk, we can discuss exactly what your business is struggling with and create a solution that ticks all your boxes. As everything is crafted around you, you also have the ability to easily upgrade your package, making scaling up less stressful.


Take Advantage Of Extra Benefits


One of the big differences that may stand out to you is the variety of extra benefits you gain when choosing an independent provider over a bigger name. With Eze Talk, we focus on adding value with benefits like dedicated account managers, unlimited inclusive calls, tailored service to suit your business, 24/7 support, seamless switchover, and many other features on top. As an independent business, we go the extra mile and truly value each and every one of our customers.


So, Looking To Switch Telecom Providers? Look No Further!


If you would like to learn more about Eze Talk, head to our website to get a better feel of what we offer! If you have any questions at all, then please do get in touch, and a member of our team will be able to help.