VoIP: Why Should Your Business Take Notice?

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VoIP is an acronym standing for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is the latest advancement in telephonic communications. It used to be that this service was expensive and only used for significant businesses that could afford it. However, now VoIP is more and more accessible to smaller businesses and is the future of communications. So now, don’t worry if you don’t know the ins and outs of the technological world – that’s our job!


Here at Eze Talk, we’re here to help you and your business run as smoothly as possible in this technology age. Our blog is designed to give you advice on how to improve your business best. So please keep reading to see how switching to VoIP can enhance your business for the better. 


What is VoIP?


So you’re probably used to using regular telephone infrastructure, which creates a path between you and the person down the other end of the line. However, VoIP works by sending voice signals across your internet connection! It works by converting digital files from the analogue form, and there are multiple ways to do this. Most commonly, either an IP phone or a softphone on a computer or smartphone will do the conversion itself. Your device converts the data using codecs to compress your voice signal and turn them into digital data ready for transmission. 


The IP (internet protocol) then transmits the voice data either on a local network or someone else via your internet connection. Don’t worry. All this data is transmitted across Secure-Real Time Transport Protocol which protects your data and keeps your information secure. 


How to use VoIP with a Smartphone 


Like the above, to make a VoIP call on your smartphone, you need to download an app that can change your analogue voice signal and connect you to your VoIP system. 


Why is VoIP becoming more popular than regular phone services? 



As a business – especially a smaller business – keeping costs low is essential hence why more and more businesses are switching to VoIP services to reduce costs. Of course, the amount you save depends on your own unique business. However, you could be making savings of anywhere up to 50%. Furthermore, because all calls are transmitted via the internet, there’s no longer a need for those pesky desk cables attached to each phone. 


Better call quality 

As long as you have high-speed broadband, you will receive higher call quality and excellent reliability for connection. Internet calls have developed massively in recent years and are swiftly becoming the best way to communicate. 



When the Pandemic struck in 2019, those businesses ahead of the game and already using VoIP services found the transition much easier as all they had to do was set up VoIP at home on their own phones! Installing the software on your phone 


Disaster recovery 

Businesses can often forget to protect voice data when it comes to disaster recovery; Traditionally, this responsibility is up to the phone companies, so you’re left in the dark once the line goes down. However, you don’t even have to think about disaster recovery with VoIP as none of the equipment is at your office! Instead, your provider has all data in the cloud, meaning that no matter where you are or what happens, you can continue working as usual. 


How to switch to VoIP? 


So now you’re probably wondering why you didn’t install VoIP earlier. The good news is that you’re already at the Eze Talk website, and we specialise in installing VoIP packages for any business, big or small. We love to help businesses stay in the loop with the latest technological advances to ensure the smooth running of any company no matter what’s around the corner. So head over to our website today and request a call back to discuss your easy transition to VoIP.