Why You Should Keep Employees Connected With Work Mobiles

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As a small business owner, you may think that there’s no need to keep in touch via a work phone. However, introducing work mobiles to your business is a great way to ensure your employees can keep in touch and keep your business running efficiently. Introducing technology to any small business may seem daunting at first, as you most likely do not have the technical support provided by big businesses. Despite this, we want to show you how introducing phones to your small business can significantly impact the day-to-day running of your business. Here at Eze Talk, we love to help people keep in touch, especially when it comes to other small businesses such as ourselves; that’s why we offer great deals to help you connect your business. If you’re still not sure why providing your employees with a work phone is a good idea, please keep reading to understand why you should keep your employees connected with a work phone. 


Why you should introduce work mobiles to your small business


Improves Communication


There’s a reason they say teamwork makes the dream work, and that can only be achieved through clear communication. If it is hard for your team to keep in touch with you and each other, then standards may begin to drop as vital information can be lost along the way. Providing your employees with a work phone is a great way to make sure that everyone can stay in touch no matter their circumstances; this can be helpful for those looking to ask a question or maybe ask if anyone can cover a shift from time to time. Communicating via phone is also a great way to keep everyone up to date with the latest news at work, as information can be shared and spread within seconds, no matter the time or place. Furthermore, work mobiles also create a sense of responsibility within employees and, therefore, encourage them to speak up and communicate much more frequently than if they had to communicate in person or via email. 


Flexible Working 


If the pandemic taught us anything, it taught us the importance of technology to ensure the continuation of working activity. Without our phones and devices, there is no way the working world would have been able to resume whilst most people were at home. That’s why most businesses have decided to work at home when possible, which can only work if the team has access to phones and other technologies. Furthermore, if your business frequently works from home, introducing phones is an excellent backup if anyone has connectivity issues; this means that employees can still be a part of meetings and stay in the loop. 


Build Relationships with Clients


Your clients may appreciate the ease of keeping in touch over the phone and through messaging instead of email. Keeping your clients in touch and reassuring them that they can reach out to you is an excellent way of building a rapport which is one of the fundamentals of business. This is especially true for a small business that often relies on client recommendations to spread the word about how great your services are. In addition, just going that extra mile and letting your clients know that you’re just a phone call away can be a great way to maintain customer loyalty. Furthermore, it is important to leave your work life at work when necessary; using a work phone doesn’t intrude upon your life as you can keep your personal calls and messages on a separate device for you to enjoy on your own time. You don’t want to be receiving client messages when out with friends, so having a work phone allows you to control your customer interactions in your own time. 


We have been building relationships with our own clients over the years by providing bespoke business packages and plans to help them stay in touch. By choosing Eze Talk, you will receive 24/7 technical support as well as a personal accounts manager, as we understand the importance of keeping in touch more than anyone. If you are interested in providing your company with work mobiles, then please head over to our website today to learn more about us and get in touch to speak with a member of our team. We can make sure to tailor a package to any business needs, whether they be big or small; we have a product for you.